Welcome to Dan Bristow Photography

Working these past six years among the stunning and sumptuous Dorset coastline I have been fortunate enough to hone my photography skills amongst some of the most gorgeous scenery the world has to offer.

As such I have learned the skill of enhancing beauty and creating glorious photographs which have been enjoyed by many. In recent years I began to yearn for a new challenge, and turned my attention towards wedding photography. This new style offers me the same advantage of glorious scenery with the additional enjoyment which creativity and sharing in my client’s happiness brings. 

Wedding photography has provided me with a new outlet for my creative skills, and my experience over the past two years has provided me with the ability to produce an informal and relaxed atmosphere which allows true emotion to emanate from my images. 

Black and white photography is one of my passions, as I feel that by stripping away the distractions of colour, natural emotion is able to shine through and the soft tones inherent in these photographs provide a superb canvas for the happiness that weddings elicit. 

Recently my attention has turned to flash photography and I have discovered a love of using speed lights and studio flash to harness my creativity and display illustrious colours and invigorating contrasts.

Words can never give justice to the creativity and passion I hold for photography, so please peruse the examples shown here and if you have any questions or queries that please fill out a contact form, I am always happy to assist. 

Yours with thanks, Dan Bristow