Roy & Claire at Ashton Barn by Daniel Bristow

Back to June for this Scorcher of a wedding. Temperatures well into the 20's and only a slight breeze to cool things a little, Ceremony was outside in the gardens which luckily was shady enough in places to keep some cool! 

Really it couldn't be any different in the weather from their pre wedding shoot which was the foggiest/windiest conditions I've shot in on hardy's monument. 

Back to the day, it was a pretty chilled out affair which reflects the couples personality, with everyone getting ready onsite i was flitting between both relaxed wedding parties which resulted in plenty of genuine moments to capture 


Natalie & Sam In Dorset by Daniel Bristow

Hi all 


Once again its been a while, this was shot nearly 6  months ago now!, oh how time flies. It was three months ago that I got married myself! 


So heres Sam and Natalie's day, A chilled out day in the country with a church and a fantastic barn location for the reception. Having gone to school with many of the guests it was nice to see some familiar faces and catch up too. 

Mr & Mrs Dean at Kingston Country Courtyard by Daniel Bristow

Another from way back in april now, it seems like it was just yesterday, but how time flies! I even got married myself two weeks ago and I'm not sure where thats gone either. 


Anyway a fantastic day in rural dorset again, Kingston Country courtyard was the setting, for what was a great day, if a little wet at times. The venue was really lovely, and old barn re purposed for weddings, I really love being at these venues and cannot recommend a barn wedding highly enough 

Link to Venue

A small update, April weddings by Daniel Bristow

I cant quite believe how long its been since my last blog post! A little disappointed with myself that its  not been more often, 


Busy winter doing other things and then the last few months have quite literally disappeared from shooting weddings and planning my own wedding, time seems to have evaded me 


So anyway starting with the first wedding of the year back in April now! quite some time ago 


Sophie and Kierans day 



Another year in weddings complete by Daniel Bristow

And what a  year it has been! I would just like to take the chance to say thank you to everyone of my couples who have helped to make it a great year. 

Its been very busy with 22 weddings between April and November, often with two in the same weekend which always posed a challenge to keep up with. I would like to say I nailed it, and from the feedback you guys have given me I think I have. 

As usual theres been a large variety in the days I've covered, small intimate weddings with a relaxed atmosphere to larger and more traditional weddings where plenty is happening and the days are longer. Ive loved them all! I couldn't pick a favourite so don't ask! it would be an impossible task. 

Not much in the way of kit fatalities this year, apart from a  speed light and my 17-40 wide angle. Other than that everything survived the brutality that wedding shoots can provide to working kit. My 1dsii keeps going on like the tank it is. I did however lose Vera my Saab this year. A piston ring failed on the motorway to southampton on route  a wedding. But she still got me there on time and then got me home again, saving me from an arduous AA relay trip home. 

So its been a really fun year and it has been an incredibly busy and hard season. But heres to next year! and I hope it is as busy and fun. 

Bookings can be made at 

Just a very small selection of what I've shot this year. 

Beth & Aarons pre wedding shoot by Daniel Bristow

I joined Beth and Aaron early on a Sunday morning in Swannage, Dorset. The sun was still low and there was no cloud cover insight, or shade for that matter, so an incredibly tricky shoot in terms of lighting conditions. 

The majority of the images were shot using natural light, the flash didn't come out of the bag for this one, just a large reflector when some fill light was needed. This helped to add some flare to the images and keep them interesting, flash wouldn't have produced the same results here. 

Shot on the 1dsii with either the 70-200 2.8 or my 50 1.8 with the 17-40 being in the bag still but broken, but even if it wasn't broke it would still have remained in the bag. It has since been replaced with a rather amazing 35 f/2 prime from canon. 

In just about an hour we had a great set of images with the majority still feeling relaxed and natural. The effect we were going for, with a few funny ones thrown in, particularly a unplanned headbutt gave a great candid moment. 

Looking forward to their wedding in April next year!

Pre wedding shoots are included with my top package of £995 or can be added to any other package for a reduced rate of £65 (£95 normally) 


And of course available separately to shoot family portraits, anniversary shoots etc for just £95 


Mr & Mrs Head at the Tithe Barn Symondsbury by Daniel Bristow

Here we are then, back to one of my favourite Dorset Venues. The Tithe Barn in Symondsbury. A Lovely barn set in some stunning grounds at the base of Comers hill, whats not to love?

This was the wedding of Chris and Tanya, which again if you read my blog you will recognise them from a pre wedding shoot at the barn. An early start for this one and a short trip from Weymouth to Bridport  I was soon with the very nervous Tanya, ready to get going with the prep. Once the bridesmaids arrived and the hair and make up people arrived too it became very busy and lots too do, which certainly helped with the nerves. I then had to head over to Chris's parents for a little bit of groom prep and to deliver the buttonholes for them, (not just a photographer) and then back to Tanya to finish of the prep, and then off to the barn. Just as last time we didn't have amazing weather and it was pretty wet the morning of the wedding, but it did start to ease as the day went on and once the ceremony had started the rain had stopped. 

A lovely ceremony with lots of special moments. I love shooting the inside of this barn, its always so light and the stone looks great. Coupled with the great pink and grey colour scheme and the lighted love letters at the end of the isle the barn looked really lovely. 

Once done with the ceremony it was outside and a chance for everyone to grab a drink and chat away, during this time we popped off to shoot some pictures with the wedding car and a couple in the field, with an over cast sky we got some great images with the off camera flash. Then back down to the barn to set up a confetti shot leading out of the barn doors. From there straight into the group shots. Then onto the speeches which as always provided some great moments and are always great to listen too. Then a wonderful meal provided by the guys at Crab Apple Caterers. Cameras down while everyone ate and relaxed as no one wants to be photographed with a face full of food. This gave me a chance to catch up with Amy the events manager at the venue, always nice to chat weddings and business with someone who loves what they do. 

After the food was cleared away it was a good chance to catch some candid images and watch people play some giant Jenga. We did also pop back up to comers hill as the clouds had cleared and the setting sun was prime for some bright images with lots of lens flare. Use of a large reflector again to bounce light back and fill shadows, shooting trough the reflector creates a great soft wrap around light far different than holding it to one side. 

Once we made our way back down to the barn the evening was nearly underway, so candid's of new guests arriving and everything that was going on. A Photo Booth provided by Clicks & Pics kept the guests well entertained until the Disco started. First dance was lovely, and I took a few shots from the balcony above the dance floor, an angle I've not seen often done, maybe because you have to stretch out fully over the floor to clear the ceiling beams! 

After that a few more pictures of the guests going nuts on the dance floor and that was me done for the evening. The last thing I did do though was grab a bit of the hog roast outside provided by Kenniford Farm. It was just too tempting! 

There will be links to all the suppliers and people that made a really wonderful wedding, and a big thanks to everyone involved that provide such a great service it makes my job incredibly fun and somewhat easier! 

Again enough of my rambling words and some images to really show what the day was like 

Mr & Mrs joyce at the Clock Barn Basingstoke by Daniel Bristow

This was a wedding once booked I could not wait to shoot. The Venue is an absolute gem! A rustic barn set in the lovely Hampshire countryside. The couple were lovely and had some fantastic ideas too. So eventually September came! 

Weather was not ideal! Drizzly and a little moody, meaning some of the images would certainly take on a completely different aspect. And wet grass and seating always makes a challenge to work around. Typical though the rain was hard enough to get wet but not enough for it to look impressive in pictures. There were some breaks in the weather through the day though, allowing us to capture some great shots! 

It was an earlyish start for me with a near two hour drive. An early departure meant I arrived well before my midday start, so a quick venue walk and then a quick nap in the car sorted me out for the day. 

I joined the day in the bridal room attached to the venue, ready to capture the MUA as she worked on Sam and the wedding partys make up, Hair was done before arrival at the Topiary Salon in Basingstoke. 

As always the days tend to fly once started and it was soon time for the ceremony. This was in the smaller of the rooms at the barn, so it made for a really lovely and intimate ceremony. This room again is stunning, real wood beams and natural stone walls, with a large window providing light. On a dull day it was nice and soft and once topped up with a little flash bounced off the window to keep it looking natural. After this we set up a confetti shot leading out of the barn into the grounds. then a short bit of candid work as we didn't have too many group shots to do. The afternoon period went by really relaxed and fun. The drizzle then began just as the last group were done, So we headed inside to shoot a few pictures of Lee and Sam, utlisizing some fairy lighting and the natural beams, coupled with off camera flash and a wide F stop we created some unique images. Again another chance for everyone to mingle and relax while grabbing a drink. Speeches then followed with the food. I always love speeches as its really great to capture some unique moments and see and hear some incredibly brilliant stories about the couple. 

Between the food courses we popped back outside for a little while as the rain had eased and the sky left behind was brilliant, again out came the off camera flash and we created some dramatic images. Some including Lee's car which is a really great looking BMW Z4 coupe. After this it was then just capturing the evening as it went along, blending into the background and grabbing some brilliant moments until I left just after the first dance. 

Thanks for reading, As always a full list of all the suppliers involved is at the bottom of the post (below the images). And of course I would happily recommend anyone mentioned on the list, it was a fantastic day and made better by great suppliers. 

Mr & Mrs Townsend, Crown of crucis swindon by Daniel Bristow

Another July wedding write up here. This was actually the day before the below blog post, so that was one busy week! I've just gotten my order of blogging mixed up slightly. 

It was a pretty early start for this one to drive up to Swindon for the start of the bridal prep. Just under two hours in the car I recall, and at that time of the morning most of the traffic was missed too. 

Off to the church around the corner from the couples house, a magnificent church with some great features. I had to cover the ceremony from the back of the room, which meant shooting with the 70-200 and mostly at the top end of that scale. But it was nice to get some different angles during the ceremony that I wouldn't normally get at the other end. 

Quick group shots outside the church and some confetti and we were done and off to the Crown of Crucis just outside of Swindon. Its a pretty little hotel with some fantastic grounds and a little river running alongside of it gave us some scope for great images. 

We were here for the remainder of the day. Once the first dance was completed It was off home for me to get ready for the next days wedding. 


Morgwen & Chris An outdoor day by Daniel Bristow

Okay, slow to get this on here again. In fact I think that opening line will be saved as a draft! It seems to start of most of my blog posts.

Anyway, this was back in July now!! I'll be keeping my words short for this one as I'm stretched for time this week. 

So this was a wedding with a little twist. A completely outdoor wedding, in July. So a pretty safe bet with the weather and luckily it was. Even more so as the wedding was at the top of Ringstead Bay so a southwesterly storm would have made an interesting event! At the bottom of the cliffs there is a small, but very lovely, chapel where the ceremony took place. Which I can add loaded with camera gear is one beast of a walk, and its uphill on the way back. Fortunately I didn't look too daft wearing my walking boots with my smart clothes. 

And the rest of the day was a pretty chilled out affair, with a hog roast in the evening and plenty of time for guests to sit and soak up the summer sun with some cider. 

Wendy & Stuart at the Purbeck House Hotel by Daniel Bristow

A wedding here from the middle of July. We had some really hot weather on the day too, a little cloud and bright sunlight, A typical July day on the coast really. Luckily the venue has some shade so I could capture some images that weren't overly contrasty so there was some variety in the final set. 

The venue, Purbeck House Hotel, was really lovely. Located towards the top part of Swanage. It's peaceful and has some lovely grounds for shooting. 

It was a lovely day and the guests seemed to be enjoying the sunshine outside. Coupled with a cold beer I guess you can't go wrong with that!


Product Photography: AU Vodka by Daniel Bristow

Heres a small selection of images I recently shot for AU Vodka. A new UK premium vodka brand, with a fantastic gold bottle, which did pose a challenge to shoot. 

The final images were done with three lights, two soft boxes to the front of the bottle and a gridded dish above the bottle providing some down lighting. And then two white poly boards either side to help reduce the harsh contrast created by the bottle and light. 

Water beading created by the old atomiser and glycerine trick, which works incredibly well, in fact the droplets are still there as its sat on my product table waiting to be sampled! 

As you can see the final product looks great, with the addition of some cracked ice and a glass with a decent water splash. 

Mr & Mrs Pettit at Hooke Court by Daniel Bristow

I shot this wedding back in July at Hooke Court. It is a residential school just outside of Bridport, Dorset. A place I haven't been to for years, once went here on a residential school trip as did Sian a couple of years after me. 

Now weddings are often nerve-wracking enough but when its for another talented photographer it certainly adds a degree of pressure to the day! that said its good fun to bounce ideas about too. 

The ceremony and reception all took place in the same room, in Alfreic Hall which is detached from the main building, with a lake separating the 17th century building and the reception room. There are some fantastic grounds on this site, but due to being a mid week wedding and the schools residents being present we had to keep to our side of the lake. Still not all bad as there is a rather stunning larger lake at the bottom of the site. 

There will be a link at the bottom to the venues site. 

On with some pictures. We had some time for the couple shots so this allowed some creativity. This meant the Lensbaby came out to play, and provided with some soft fuzzy focus it made some unique images. And then some off camera flash added something else to the day. 


Mr & Mrs Smith at the Tithe Barn, Symondsbury by Daniel Bristow

This post has been a long time coming! I shot Heather and Chris's wedding at the beginning of July at the wonderful Tithe barn on Symondsbury Estate. 

Some of you will recognize this couple if you have read my blog recently as I shot their pre wedding shoot at the barn a couple of months ago. I touched on the fact that they have just opened a new restaurant, moved house and now have gotten married. So Well done on achieving three massively difficult tasks. There is a link to their new business at the bottom of the page, so if your near Bridport do go and check it out! 

Weather wasn't amazing on the day, it was just warm and hazy, with no real effort seen from the sun all day. None the less it made for a great day, and meant everyone remained comfortable through the day. 

We started with the bridal prep in a cottage next to the barn. With Kirsten Sare providing the make up for the day. She was great to work with and the finished makeup looked flawless and certainly lasted all day! 

Flowers for the day supplied by Alison Davies flowers. 

What started off as a chilled morning soon turned a little chaotic as time went on and we ended up being some time later than planned at the ceremony. With the Bridal party walking through the stunning gardens of the barn and then into the barn itself, down the Isle and then the ceremony began. Once this was done we headed back outside for everyone to grab a quick drink and greet the new couple. We then set up a great confetti shot leading up the path from the barn. Then onto the formalities of the group shots. By this point we were well behind schedule, so the brilliant guys at Dorset fine Dining agreed to push the food back a little, this allowed Heather, Chris and I time to go off for a little 15 minute walk and capture some shots in and around the grounds of the barn. Unfortunately not quite the same weather as the engagement shoot, but we still got some stunning images, with Colmers Hill and the wild flower beds providing some great focal points.  We then got back and everyone was ready seated for the speeches, which were fantastic, lots of great moments, and its always a pleasure to be part of these and get a real insight to the people I'm with. Food was amazing, My steak and ale pie went down incredibly well! 

Desert by 2 Chideok bakers, which looked great!

Then the remainder of the day took a very chilled out approach to it, with everyone just having a good time. Ryan one of the guests who's a great entertainer made a couple of games up for the late afternoon, which were a lot of fun to shoot with some really great candid moments. Then up to the cake cutting and first dance.  The cake made by the multi talented Amy Day, who is the Wedding coordinator for the barn weddings. She was at the wedding as a bridesmaid that day so it must have been nice to see the barn from the other side of the scale. I believe when I left she was dressed as a carrot, so must have had fun. And don't worry I'll keep those images under wraps..... For now. 

Now enough rambling on and time to show off this wonderful day! 

Cycleccinos Sportive by Daniel Bristow

I appear to have been a little slow getting this one to blog again. Last month I spent a couple of hours covering Cycleccino's Sportive ride, With participants choosing from 30, 60 or 100 mile routes for a Sunday ride. The day started off in Easton Square outside the Cycleccino Cafe (do go and check it out). 

With an earlier than planned start for some, the riders were well spread out as they left Easton Square. I stood at the roadside and captured some images of them all as they left Easton, and then attempted to catch up with them once the last rider had come through. As it turns out these guys really shift! With a 40 minute headstart the main bulk of riders had long disappeared, so just over the top of Portesham I stopped on a short downhill section to catch the second pack of riders coming through. 

The ride has managed to raise some well needed money for a public use defibrillator in the square. A superb effort by the cycleccino team. 


Mr & Mrs Madigan by Daniel Bristow

This post has been a long time coming! Shot back in June again. Its been a mad couple of months, and still some busy periods to go before the seasons over and theres time to reflect on the year gone by. 


This was a wedding I've looked forward to for some time, Lucy and Adrian are great, and with two fantastic kids it was sure to be a great day.  Lucy also runs a very busy and very popular Facebook page for brides, which is where she found me. There will be a link at the bottom of the page for any of those who wish to pop over and take a look. Its tremendously helpful and has a great community spirit too. 


There were a lot of great suppliers involved with this one, and there will be links at the bottom of the page for all the businesses involved.  



Flowers Floral Designs Dorset

The Dancing Hogs (Food) (Amazing!) 

Bouncy Castle Charlies Party Supplies

Venue Dressing Impress your guests

Sweet Cart

Kylie Creative Cakes 

5 minute Photo Booth

DJ Ross Malin

Facebook page

Everyone certainly did a great job on the day, and it all resulted into a really fun day for the couple, any of the above suppliers I would be happy to recommend 


Thanks for reading 


Kyle & Angela at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton by Daniel Bristow

Ive been slow getting this one onto the blog, but In May I went up to Southampton to The Hilton at the Ageas Bowl. A lovely smart hotel venue, with a small golf course on the outside which we utilised for the pictures, and the cricket ground sits on the inside. It was an an eventful day and was an early start for me, made trickier by the fact that Vera my Saab decided to drop a piston ring on the journey up, just outside Southampton. I preserveered onwards and she made it there (that's why allowing way more time that you need to travel is a good thing). Seeing as the worst of the damage was done, and I have no time for changing an engine, I later drove her home that night, a 70 mile trip and taking it easy it got me home. 


Once again time for some pictures of the day 

Lee & Tracey at Wellworthys Sports club in Weymouth by Daniel Bristow

We had some lovely weather on the week leading up to the wedding, and the day itself resulted in a wet morning and then clearing to a cloudy but very pleasant afternoon. Which did certainly help with soft light for the pictures. And again later in the day with some flash created some great skies to shoot against. 

A little on the venue now. Wellworthys was the first place I had ever shot a wedding, so in a way its part of where I started. I have covered a few weddings here in the past as well. It very much used to be just a cheap room, where you would have to put all the effort into decorating yourself or contract someone in, but more recently with the appointment of Natasha the wedding and events organiser for the venue, its turned around somewhat. While sticking true to its budget market. It will now supply packages for you. Meaning everything can be organised and decorated ready for your day by Natasha and her team. Great attention to detail and a friendly team make sure your day now runs smoothly. Its great to see a venue utilising what it has. There's a great courtyard at the rear that overlooks Portland Harbour. This can now be used for ceremonies too! It's a great venue for a budget savvy bride who still wants sea views. If you're in the Weymouth area then please do check it out. Link at the bottom of the page. 

Back to the wedding, It was a very chilled out day with lots of laughter and fun, and now for some pictures.


Shots were also taken at Sandsfoot castle, which is a couple of minutes in the car from wellworthys 

Link for The Venue here LINK

Natalie & Ben's pre wedding shoot by Daniel Bristow

Off to Southampton for this one. We shot in Mayflower Park where there was a great variety of locations to shoot. Their wedding is in October so we should see the greens in the images replaced with browns and could create some wonderful autumnal images. The Shoot again was kept simple and straightforward. Just an off camera flash, or a reflector if any extra lighting was needed.