Beth & Aarons pre wedding shoot / by Daniel Bristow

I joined Beth and Aaron early on a Sunday morning in Swannage, Dorset. The sun was still low and there was no cloud cover insight, or shade for that matter, so an incredibly tricky shoot in terms of lighting conditions. 

The majority of the images were shot using natural light, the flash didn't come out of the bag for this one, just a large reflector when some fill light was needed. This helped to add some flare to the images and keep them interesting, flash wouldn't have produced the same results here. 

Shot on the 1dsii with either the 70-200 2.8 or my 50 1.8 with the 17-40 being in the bag still but broken, but even if it wasn't broke it would still have remained in the bag. It has since been replaced with a rather amazing 35 f/2 prime from canon. 

In just about an hour we had a great set of images with the majority still feeling relaxed and natural. The effect we were going for, with a few funny ones thrown in, particularly a unplanned headbutt gave a great candid moment. 

Looking forward to their wedding in April next year!

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