The Avalon Alfresco Menu / by Daniel Bristow

Earlier last month I was in london, shooting some amazing food at The Avalon Pub in Clapham.

It's a wonderful pub with a brand new beer garden, built by the Beer Garden Co in Dorset. It is a great place to go to eat and have a drink. We set up a shoot on the long feasting table in the garden, with the view to shooting their new party/alfresco menu. With lots of smaller dishes and some colourful cocktails to shoot. I chose to stay away from some of the traditional aspects of food photography and shoot in a candid feel. This, in my mind, would add to the alfresco feel of the shoot.

The feature piece of the shoot was their new 1 meter pizzas! Yes 1 meter. They look very impressive and taste excellent too. Boards handmade by another Dorset company.

All of these were shot with natural light, it was a over cast day anyway, but a large sail above the scene provided some lovely soft diffused light.

Take  a look these images, and why not go along and taste some for your selves See



Thank you for looking, And Feel free to get in touch for a quote for some food photography of your own