Mr & Mrs Wright at the Riviera Weymouth / by Daniel Bristow

Hi all,

Another wedding write up from May here. This was Jack and Nicoles big day. While every wedding we hope for nice weather, this just wasn't one of those!. It was the only day of the week they had forecast bad weather, and this time it wasn't wrong. Lashings of rain and high coastal winds made the day remain indoors for the most of it, until a 15 minute break in the weather an hour before sunset. So we did make the most of that! Fortunately the whole day was at the hotel from prep until end so there was no running between venues in the rain. 

The ceremony and reception were decorated brilliantly by Donna of D Dees Bespoke Parties. Link at the bottom of the post, and a more in depth review of her services to follow! 

For now some pictures... 


Despite the naff weather it was still a great day and a really fun wedding to shoot! lots of great personalities and characters, The Venue decoration by donna was superb and her Heart arch made a great addition to the room, even helped with the lighting for me, those bulbs gave me an extra stop of light so I could shoot with a slightly Low ISO speed during the ceremony and in the first dance i used them as the backdrop, compressing the distance with  a 70-200 2.8 it created some great bokeh and lens flare. As you can see the Lensbaby muse came out again for this wedding, For those the ISO speed was upped and the flash turned off to help give it that soft and atmospheric quality it possesses. The last images were taken late evening when the rain had stopped, we had intended to shoot in the rain after the first dance, but it had briefly stopped. The sky was great and dramatic so I under exposed the whole scene and then with an off camera flash brought jack and nicole back into the correct exposure. This allowed for some punchy images with lots of contrast and a Great sky too. 

Link below as promised 

D Dees Bespoke Parties 


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