Mr & Mrs Peck In Weymouth / by Daniel Bristow

This here is the wedding of Nina & Geoff. A Really lovely couple both originally from the UK but now living together in Australia. So one long flight! Luckily the weather was great for them, and a hot one by our standards of British weather. 

Two Venues for this one. The ceremony was at Portland Castle, believe it or not on Portland. A stunning castle on the side of Portland Harbour. Once a residence of Henry the 8th. Today its a English heritage site and a lovely place to visit or get married. 

After we stopped at the Sandsfoot Gardens in Weymouth for a quick shoot. There is another great castle in those gardens, albeit it slightly less complete but luckily well maintained, so its there for future generations to enjoy. 

Finally the day was set to finish in The Ship on the harbour side in Weymouth. A fantastic pub and one of my favourites in Weymouth for a quick seaside pint too! It gets my thumbs up all round. It's a lovely room with some fantastic views of the harbour side. 

So now for some pictures, there are again links to both venues at the bottom of the page. 

Links to the venues are below 

Portland Castle

The Ship 


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