Kyle & Angela at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton / by Daniel Bristow

Ive been slow getting this one onto the blog, but In May I went up to Southampton to The Hilton at the Ageas Bowl. A lovely smart hotel venue, with a small golf course on the outside which we utilised for the pictures, and the cricket ground sits on the inside. It was an an eventful day and was an early start for me, made trickier by the fact that Vera my Saab decided to drop a piston ring on the journey up, just outside Southampton. I preserveered onwards and she made it there (that's why allowing way more time that you need to travel is a good thing). Seeing as the worst of the damage was done, and I have no time for changing an engine, I later drove her home that night, a 70 mile trip and taking it easy it got me home. 


Once again time for some pictures of the day