Lee & Tracey at Wellworthys Sports club in Weymouth / by Daniel Bristow

We had some lovely weather on the week leading up to the wedding, and the day itself resulted in a wet morning and then clearing to a cloudy but very pleasant afternoon. Which did certainly help with soft light for the pictures. And again later in the day with some flash created some great skies to shoot against. 

A little on the venue now. Wellworthys was the first place I had ever shot a wedding, so in a way its part of where I started. I have covered a few weddings here in the past as well. It very much used to be just a cheap room, where you would have to put all the effort into decorating yourself or contract someone in, but more recently with the appointment of Natasha the wedding and events organiser for the venue, its turned around somewhat. While sticking true to its budget market. It will now supply packages for you. Meaning everything can be organised and decorated ready for your day by Natasha and her team. Great attention to detail and a friendly team make sure your day now runs smoothly. Its great to see a venue utilising what it has. There's a great courtyard at the rear that overlooks Portland Harbour. This can now be used for ceremonies too! It's a great venue for a budget savvy bride who still wants sea views. If you're in the Weymouth area then please do check it out. Link at the bottom of the page. 

Back to the wedding, It was a very chilled out day with lots of laughter and fun, and now for some pictures.


Shots were also taken at Sandsfoot castle, which is a couple of minutes in the car from wellworthys 

Link for The Venue here LINK