Mr & Mrs Pettit at Hooke Court / by Daniel Bristow

I shot this wedding back in July at Hooke Court. It is a residential school just outside of Bridport, Dorset. A place I haven't been to for years, once went here on a residential school trip as did Sian a couple of years after me. 

Now weddings are often nerve-wracking enough but when its for another talented photographer it certainly adds a degree of pressure to the day! that said its good fun to bounce ideas about too. 

The ceremony and reception all took place in the same room, in Alfreic Hall which is detached from the main building, with a lake separating the 17th century building and the reception room. There are some fantastic grounds on this site, but due to being a mid week wedding and the schools residents being present we had to keep to our side of the lake. Still not all bad as there is a rather stunning larger lake at the bottom of the site. 

There will be a link at the bottom to the venues site. 

On with some pictures. We had some time for the couple shots so this allowed some creativity. This meant the Lensbaby came out to play, and provided with some soft fuzzy focus it made some unique images. And then some off camera flash added something else to the day.