Cycleccinos Sportive / by Daniel Bristow

I appear to have been a little slow getting this one to blog again. Last month I spent a couple of hours covering Cycleccino's Sportive ride, With participants choosing from 30, 60 or 100 mile routes for a Sunday ride. The day started off in Easton Square outside the Cycleccino Cafe (do go and check it out). 

With an earlier than planned start for some, the riders were well spread out as they left Easton Square. I stood at the roadside and captured some images of them all as they left Easton, and then attempted to catch up with them once the last rider had come through. As it turns out these guys really shift! With a 40 minute headstart the main bulk of riders had long disappeared, so just over the top of Portesham I stopped on a short downhill section to catch the second pack of riders coming through. 

The ride has managed to raise some well needed money for a public use defibrillator in the square. A superb effort by the cycleccino team.