Morgwen & Chris An outdoor day / by Daniel Bristow

Okay, slow to get this on here again. In fact I think that opening line will be saved as a draft! It seems to start of most of my blog posts.

Anyway, this was back in July now!! I'll be keeping my words short for this one as I'm stretched for time this week. 

So this was a wedding with a little twist. A completely outdoor wedding, in July. So a pretty safe bet with the weather and luckily it was. Even more so as the wedding was at the top of Ringstead Bay so a southwesterly storm would have made an interesting event! At the bottom of the cliffs there is a small, but very lovely, chapel where the ceremony took place. Which I can add loaded with camera gear is one beast of a walk, and its uphill on the way back. Fortunately I didn't look too daft wearing my walking boots with my smart clothes. 

And the rest of the day was a pretty chilled out affair, with a hog roast in the evening and plenty of time for guests to sit and soak up the summer sun with some cider.