Mr & Mrs Townsend, Crown of crucis swindon / by Daniel Bristow

Another July wedding write up here. This was actually the day before the below blog post, so that was one busy week! I've just gotten my order of blogging mixed up slightly. 

It was a pretty early start for this one to drive up to Swindon for the start of the bridal prep. Just under two hours in the car I recall, and at that time of the morning most of the traffic was missed too. 

Off to the church around the corner from the couples house, a magnificent church with some great features. I had to cover the ceremony from the back of the room, which meant shooting with the 70-200 and mostly at the top end of that scale. But it was nice to get some different angles during the ceremony that I wouldn't normally get at the other end. 

Quick group shots outside the church and some confetti and we were done and off to the Crown of Crucis just outside of Swindon. Its a pretty little hotel with some fantastic grounds and a little river running alongside of it gave us some scope for great images. 

We were here for the remainder of the day. Once the first dance was completed It was off home for me to get ready for the next days wedding.